An Talamh Bàn (connspaideach)

Mu dheireadh thall, tha fios aig an t-Urr. Iain MacLeoid de rinn an tonn mor anns a' chuan Innseanach, agus cha b'e plate tectonics! (A-reir na daoine seo, chaidh 'Holly is Jessica' ann an Sasainn a deas a mharbhadh mar seorsa peanas.)

:"It has to be noted that the wave arrived on the Lord’s Day, the day that God has set apart to be observed the world over by a holy resting from all employments and recreations that are lawful on other days."


Ach tha soilleireachadh eile aig cuid de na Muslimaich fhein. Thachair e aig NOLLAIG, agus bha Allah crosta leis na Criosdaidhean fhein, agus na "pleasure seekers" ann an Bangkock.
"We know that at these resorts, which unfortunately exist in Islamic and other countries in South Asia, and especially at Christmas, fornication and sexual perversion of all kinds are rampant. The fact that it happened at this particular time is a sign from Allah. It happened at Christmas, when fornicators and corrupt people from all over the world come to commit fornication and sexual perversion. That's when this tragedy took place, striking them all and destroyed everything. It turned the land into wasteland [talamh bàn], where only the cries of the ravens are heard. I say this is a great sign and punishment on which Muslims should reflect."

Dia gràdhach gu dearbh! Bha Criosdaidhean, Muslamaich, Hinduich, agus Buddhaich nam bathadh... an robh iad uile cho dona?

'Columnist Rajeev Srinivasan pointed to several religion-related factors he sees as pertinent. Referring to the earthquake as the "Christmas quake," he implied that the timing wasn’t mere coincidence. He also noted that the tsunami hit a church at Velankanni, one of the most significant Christian pilgrimage points in South India, resulting in the death of 50 people. Finally, he connected the tragedy to what many see as the recent mistreatment of a revered Hindu leader.'


Stuth eile bho America.


:"We sincerely hope and pray that all 20,000 Swedes are dead, their bodies bloated on the ground or in mass graves or floating at sea feeding sharks and fishes or in the bellies of thousands of crocodiles washed ashore by tsunamis. These filthy, faggot Swedes have a satanic, draconian law"

Uill, nise, nach eil Iain MacLeoid snog ri comais ri sin?

Marcus 2.27


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Connspaideach gu dearbh. Agus nach mise a tha tàingealach gu bheil beachdan connspaideach sna làithean a tha seo. Tapadh leibh gu mòr. Tha mise an seo

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